Anu’s entry for the week ended 8/04/11

ak19. Monday, April 11th, 2011.

The week started with small odds and ends: answering some questions on the mailing list, fixing Greenstone3 compilation so that a system-dependent file would get generated (instead of using the wrong ready-made binary version from SVN), checking that the port number could still be successfully changed on Greenstone 3 (we run “ant configure” to do so now). The latter half of the week was taken up by working on a couple of the tickets for Greenstone 3: While it turned out that functions well in GS3 from the command-line and through GLI, the GS3 OAIServer validation appears to be more involving. At present, though the initial operations have validated, more complex ones are still not working as they should. I’ll be continuing to work on this, this week.

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