Sam’s Greenstone Blog 19/4/2011

admin. Tuesday, April 19th, 2011.

Welcome to another late entry of my blog about Greenstone development. Early last week, the team had a discussion about modernising the Greenstone 3 interface. The improvements that I have made so far were well received and we discussed various ways to improve it further. For example, one of the things we are currently trialling is showing the whole document (rather than just the first section) when you visit a document in a collection. Each section can then be contracted or expanded in either the table of contents or the document itself (using little + and – symbols) to make navigating around the document more intuitive. When a search result returns a particular document section, that section is automatically expanded and the others contracted to provide a consistent interface.

We have also fixed up Realistic Books so that it works properly in the new skin, and we are also discussing ways for Realistic Books to be available by default in any collection (i.e. not only those that specify the correction option at build time).

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