Sam’s Greenstone Blog 3/10/2011

admin. Monday, October 3rd, 2011.

Those who are eagerly awaiting the release of the final version of 2.85 will not have to wait much longer. Anu has been working hard testing it on each of the platforms we support and for the most part things are looking good. Any assistance in testing is always greatly appreciated and if you would like to help us out then please download the 2.85 release candidate which is available here. If you find any problems then join the mailing list to email us at <greenstone-users @> and let us know. The more you can tell us about the issue the better.

Work on the Document Basket functionality continues to go well. I am in the initial stages of connecting the front-end Javascript to the Java back-end. To transmit the operations we are using JSON (rather than XML) as it is a very simple to write in Javascript and we have found a good Java library (gson) that converts JSON back into an object. So hopefully this week we will start seeing some promising results.

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