Sam’s Greenstone Blog 7/10/2011

admin. Friday, October 7th, 2011.

This week work has continued on the Document Basket/Document Maker/Document Structure Editor (we’re still deciding on the final name). The move and duplicate operations have been implemented and are successfully being mirrored on the server, so it is now very easy to move sections around and duplicate them. Unfortunately these changes do not yet show up in the regular interface as the collection will need to be built after each save and this has yet to be implemented.

I have also been able to get the undo functionality up and running. So now you will be able to undo all your operations up until the point where you choose to save. The client-side interface keeps a list of all the transactions you have made (moves, duplicate, create, delete etc.) and is able to undo any operations you make on the client by removing them from the list of transactions (and updating the interface), once you choose to save however the list of transactions is sent to the server to be executed so undoing is no longer as simple to implement. It may be implemented some time in the future but at this stage it would take more time than we can spare for something that is not essential.

We have also begun implementing a way to modify metadata (such as document/section title, author or subject metadata) as part of the system. Allowing a way to modify metadata more directly instead of having to use GLI, which collection designers may find quite useful. At the moment it is only working on the client-side and we have yet to connect it back to the server.

Next week I will continue to connect the missing operations to the server and add collection building as part of the save feature so the changes can be viewed.

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