Sam’s Greenstone Blog 17/10/2011

admin. Monday, October 17th, 2011.

Progress on the Document Structure Editor (the name is still undecided) is going well. It now actually makes the changes and then builds the collection, which results in the changes actually showing up in the documents, which is quite satisfying to see!

The building process takes a reasonable amount of time (especially if multiple collections need to be built) so we needed a way to inform the user of what is currently happening on the server. We originally had the code to trigger the collection building on the server, as it made sense to build the collections straight after the archive files had been modified (which is essentially what this system does). This approach hit a road-block however as it has difficulty if multiple collections are to be built sequentially and we want to be able to inform the user of what’s happening on the web interface. Basically once each build is complete the collection must be activated (the building -> index step you may know about if you’ve ever build a collection using the command line rather than GLI) and these things became very tricky to order correctly without requiring a lot more code. So we decided to make the process simpler and move the code that decides when and what collections to build to the client-side.

This week I will be continuing to work on this system, most likely focusing on editing metadata or document text.

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