Anu’s entry for week ending 26 Nov 2011

ak19. Monday, November 28th, 2011.

For the last two weeks, I was mainly learning the practical side of how to handle the Greenstone translations. Mainly how to generate the spreadsheets for translators to use, though there was also the opportunity for learning to handle translated spreadsheets. Next to that, there were some questions on the mailing list that I had a go at answering and uploaded the updates to the ACKU and AREU collections.

On the final 3 days, got round to working on getting the batch files in GS2 to handle not only spaces but also brackets in the Greenstone filepaths. There is still a final problem to resolve before the changes can be committed, but the Greenstone web server is now back to working again, despite Greenstone being installed in a path with brackets (and spaces). There’s even some allowance made in the makegs2.bat script–which is used to compile up GS2–to get apache to compile up even in those instances of there being spaces or brackets in the filepaths it works with. Fortunately, the change could be made in the makegs2.bat itself: it sets the command prompt in which Greenstone is being compiled up to be in short-filenames mode. This then is the situation that the apache compile scripts inherit also, making any space/bracket in the long pathname irrelevant.

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