Sam’s Greenstone Blog 2/12/2011

admin. Friday, December 2nd, 2011.

This week I have been tidying up the new paged-image functionality so that it dynamically loads each page (rather than doing a full page reload each time) and also added the functionality that allows the user to choose from “Text view” (which only shows the OCR’d text), “Image view” (which shows the original image) and “Default view” (which shows both the text and the image). These are also switched dynamically which is nice and are remembered if you leave a document page and go to a new one.

I also fixed up an annoying problem with GLI. One of the ways you can customise collections in Greenstone 3 is by writing Javascript in the collectionConfig.xml file and those familiar with XML will know that you cannot put ‘&’, ‘<‘ or ‘>’ into text nodes (you have to replace them with &amp;, &lt; and &gt; respectively). These special characters a relatively common in Javascript so each time they are used they have to be escaped. The problem we were having with GLI was that it would read in the file and replace the characters with their usual forms (&, < and >) and when it went to save the file it wouldn’t escape these characters. So the next time this file was read in GLI would produce an error because the file was no longer valid XML. We eventually tracked this problem down and fixed it.

Next week I will continue to work on the paged-image functionality (specifically the “next page” and “previous page” buttons) as well as adding some new code to HTMLPlugin that will add any files referred to in CSS files (e.g. background-image) as associated files of the HTML page.

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