Sam’s Greenstone Blog 2/3/2012

admin. Friday, March 2nd, 2012.

This week has had a rather exciting development that several people have been wanting for quite a long time.  The 64-bit compatible versions of MG, MGPP and GDBM have been added to the main code, meaning that Greenstone 2 and 3 can now compile successfully on 64-bit systems. The reason this has taken a long time to be done is that the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of MG and MGPP produced seemingly different files when run over the same documents, which was a concerning for us as people might want to move their 32-bit MG/MGPP collections over to a 64-bit Greenstone installation and we suspected that this might not work given the different files. This week we discovered the cause of the difference and are now reassured that files from 32-bit and 64-bit installations can be interchanged without issue.

This week has seen more upgrades to Greenstone 3 as well. One of the features we have been working on for the Pei Jones collection is the ability to zoom “screen” images by using the mouse like a magnifying glass. We have added this into the default Greenstone 3 capabilities. In order for this to work however there needs to be a “screen” (small) and “source” (usually larger) version of the same image.

In general Greenstone 3 now handles paged-images much better. They are now properly displayed at the top of their specific sections. There is also an option to change between text-only, image-only and the default text and image modes, which is available in both the paged style collections as well as normal hierarchy style collections.

Next week will most likely involve more improvements like this as we continue to prepare Greenstone 3 for release.

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