Sam’s Greenstone Blog 16/3/2012

admin. Friday, March 16th, 2012.

With the new user-login capability of Greenstone3 I have been creating and improving various features that relate to this capability. For example, the previous administration capabilities (the ability for admin users to add/edit/remove users) were not very secure and have now had an overhaul to properly connect with the servlet security method I described in a previous post. By itself however, trying to use the current administration capabilities to manage a large-scale Greenstone 3 installation with many collections and many users would be a difficult task as each user would need to be added/modified by an administrator. To aid in this problem we will create the ability for users to register themselves and to change their own basic settings (password and details), the more powerful options such as group assignment will still be the job of an administrator.

We have also made significant progress on the RESTful URL feature. Servlets can have filters that requests are sent to before they reach the servlet itself, and this what we use to provide this functionality. The filter examines the URL before it reaches the servlet and digs out any parameters that have been written in the RESTful form (for example, it will set c=demo from

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