Sam’s Greenstone Blog 23/3/2012

admin. Friday, March 23rd, 2012.

This week I have added the ability for users to register themselves for a Greenstone 3 site. To register a user must provide their username, password and email address (we may add more fields or the ability for an administrator to add custom fields) as well as match two words from an image (to make sure they’re not a bot). Users can now also modify their account settings themselves and next week we will probably look into adding the ability for Greenstone 3 to email the users (to confirm registration or to reset their passwords).

The paged-image widget I have discussed in the past also received several upgrades, such as the ability to filter pages based on their titles and it will now also show the page you are currently on within the widget. We are also planning on being able to specify number ranges to filter pages as well (e.g. typing “24-37” will show all the pages from page 24 to page 37).

I have made a list of all the things we need to complete before we can release Greenstone 3, it’s gradually getting smaller so hopefully it won’t be much longer.

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