Sam’s Greenstone Blog 5/4/2012

admin. Thursday, April 5th, 2012.

I’m writing this a day early this week because I will not be working tomorrow due to Easter, I still have a bit to report however.

This week I decided to re-think one of the previous decisions we made in regards to viewing documents in Greenstone 3. In Greenstone 2 you can normally only view one section at a time and therefore it is difficult to get a grasp of where you are in the document and also how big the document is. For this version of Greenstone 3 we decided that we would take the opposite approach and that, by default, viewing the document would always show the whole document instead of just a section. This approach works find for small- to medium-sized documents, but for larger documents the page begins to get too long. To resolve this problem I have decided to implement a mixture of the two approaches. Now, by default, when you view a page it will only show the section you asked for, but it will also give you a full table of contents and links on the page that allow you to view other parts of the document without needing to go to a new page. New sections are dynamically loaded when they are needed and there is also an option to expand all the sections if you do want to see the whole document at once.

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